Stock Market Game

First, players must register. After registration, players are given an initial sum of "virtual" money to invest in companies of their choice. Players build a portfolio of stocks by buying and selling shares in companies. Most stock market simulation games use real-time market data.

Simulation games are usually played on the internet, where people can experience the thrill of investing in the stock market without any risks, costs or any fear of losing money when and if they make a poor investment decision.

You should always participate in the games that are fun to play, and one that will help you understand how to trade the market while keeping the entertainment quotient high. However, there are games organized by portals that are highly commercial in nature. These websites provide abilities to earn bonus amounts by answering some market related questions and referring these games to friends. You should always stay away from such games because such games will adulterate your performance, since your motive is to learn the practicalities of the market and not the theory aspects.

One reason for the great popularity is how easy it is to sign up and play a stock market game. It's as simple as going online and signing up. Once you've created your mock stock account you are ready to play the stock trading game.

The Stock Market Game

These games are not only fun, but also give you an opportunity to see what real world trading can be like. Here's how they work:

1 - First you go online and sign up. You'll need to use a real e-mail address as a confirmation notice will be sent out to you to that e-mail address. After you receive the confirmation e-mail simply click on the provided confirmation link inside the e-mail. This make certain that you were the one requesting to open a mock stock account.

2 -- After you've confirmed your desire to participate in the trading game you can then login to the game site and begin to place trades.

3 -- Once you're inside you can choose the amount of "virtual funds" you wish to start trading with. Your now all set to go.